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Our Story

    Our search for a greyhound began in local rescues. We reached out in hopes of rescuing a retired racer. It didn't take long before we started running into road blocks. One after the other we had reasons why we could not adopt. Whether it was due to having a young child in the house, an open forest as a backyard, or living 50 miles or more away from the nearest rescue. This lead us to find our black and white female, Lexi in Colorado from a breeder. Greyhounds are usually pack dogs, they can do well alone but usually thrive with another dog in the home, so we decided to travel to Colorado again a year later to get Lexi a buddy. A beautiful blue female we named Afina. These sisters share the same mother, different fathers and come from a National Greyhound association racing legacy.

   After many folks had been inquiring about our greyhounds as to how we found one due to their rarity in California, researching the breed, we eventually became aware of a serious decline in the breed in the USA. The desire to have this wonderful breed in our own future a year later we decided to get Roe our Blue Fawn Male for not only a loving pet but to breed.  Roe came from an AKC (American Kennel Club, Show dogs) breeder in California. We plan to bring more beautiful Greyhounds ethically and responsibly to loving families and continue to help preserve one of the oldest breeds of dogs, the Greyhound.  Feel free to follow our social media to get to know our dogs and how much we care and love for them everyday as one of our own family members.(instagram: @Greyhound_lexi_Afina_roe  or @greyhoundpuppies_hookcreekfarms.  Please read our about sections and ask any questions you might have to make sure this breed is right for you and your family.

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