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Roe (SIRE)


Roe has a AKC show English greyhound background on mother side and his father is a Magyar Agár greyhound from Hungary. Akc recognizes Magyar Agár as a 'greyhound' due to the fact there are not many differences besides a bit thicker coat great for handling lower temps, slighter heavier bone structure, slightly longer body (6 cm). They are used for the same purpose greyhounds in England are used for which is hunting, coursing and of course a family pet. Their personality traits are near exact to the English Greyhound. Roe is a pretty active dog, He loves long hikes and he loves to cuddle. He has a bit thicker Fur than our Dams which we see at an advantage as to where we live snows. He is very friendly but also a bit cautious with new people or dogs. He tends to attach to one person stronger than the entire family. He is a Blue fawn which his father was blue his mother fawn.


October 6, 2022



Genetic test results


Chic number/health

Lucern, U.S.A

Degenerative Myelopathy           WT/WT Normal

Greyhound Polyneuropathy        WT/WT Normal

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis WT/WT Normal

Cardiac Evaluation (Heart)             Pending

ACVO Eye Exam                               Pending

PolyNeuropathy                               Pending

Autoimmune Thyroiditis                 Pending         


American Kennel Club

American Kennel Club Certificate

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